Commencement ceremony of solar technology in Gansu UZON

Date:2016-05-06 View:1330

Gansu UZON Solar Engine Technology Co.,LTD celebrated the construction commencement ceremony of 200MW modules factory in Gansu economic development zone, Jiuquan City, Gansu Province on 12th April 2016. This program was one of the 27 key investment projects in Jiuquan City during 2016, and was taken high attention and strong support by local government. Those who attended this ceremony including Mr.Di Shengkui, deputy mayor, Zhang Weiming, CEO of UZON, Wang Weihui, CEO of Jiaming Company, Wu Shengxue, head of the national Energy Administration. The company will build modern module factory with annual output of 200MW, including standardized workshop, comprehensive office building, warehouseand so on. It is expected to run into operation in the end of August,2016.Produced solar modules can be used in various PV stations and its products, at the same time, it can also release clean energy and take responsibility as part of their commitment to local energy conservation and emission reduction.